Gilbane Boatworks has a fully equipped and insured in-house detailing crew. Detailing services can be provided to our members and also outside customers.
Detail pricing ranges from $45/ft – $65/ft depending on the condition of the boat and how many steps are required to restore the boat to shining condition. Our team will meet with you to discuss your desired results and provide you a full estimate at no charge. Our team is fully trained and experienced in restoring and protecting all surfaces. We also offer cutting edge ceramic coating processes that can restore and protect for much longer than traditional wax products.


Ceramic coating is a cutting edge process that can be performed on all boat surfaces including metal and glass products. Ceramic products are a substitute for traditional wax products that are designed to protect better and last much longer. Ceramic coating is an optional final step of our detail process. All ceramic coating jobs are quoted on an individual customized basis and pricing can vary based on the amount of surfaces that are being coated. The product can be applied to all paint and gel-coat surfaces, metal, towers and outriggers and even engine covers and Eisenglass.
The results are astounding!

Contact: Matthew Migliore 401-316-6656 for all detail inquiries.

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